Note: The list of brewing industry educational opportunities has been updated. Thank you to everyone for your contributions!

As the number of breweries continues to grow and existing brands expand in the United States, so does the need for skilled workers to fill the jobs created. Recognizing this need educational institutions are responding by creating courses to fill the educational gap, however, will the amount of available workers be enough to fill the predicted talent shortage?

Talent Shortage

As more baby boomers begin to retire many developed countries such as the United States and Japan will experience labor shortages, in fact, “by 2020, for every five retiring workers, only four new workers will join the labor force” (Kapoor & Sherif, 2012, p.233). In the U.S. it is expected that an additional 26 million workers will be needed by 2030 in order to realize the same economic growth (Kapoor & Sherif, 2012).  This shortfall of labor is expected across numerous industries including education, health care, manufacturing and construction (Kapoor & Sherif, 2012). One solution to the labor shortage may come from emerging countries due to their inexpensive labor and with this will come an influx of workers from many different cultures. In fact, emerging countries had 33 million prospective workers as of 2005, which could help solve the labor shortage (Kapoor & Sherif, 2012).

Globally, it is predicted that in the long-term talent will be in short supply for employers whether in a developed or emerging economy (Kapoor & Sherif, 2012). Although there is a great supply of overall workers in emerging economies, only 13 – 19 percent of college graduates are deemed to have the proper skill set for multinational organizations despite the diversity they may offer (Kapoor & Sherif, 2012). Despite these challenges, human resources must strive to develop a diverse talent pool with the appropriate skill set, which can become a competitive advantage that provides improved business results such as “survival, profitability, customer satisfaction level and employee performance” (Kapoor & Sherif, 2012, p.235).

The following list of educational institutions offering brewery education is provided as a resource to develop current employees and recruit skilled brewery professionals.

Institutions in the U.S. with Brewery and/or Beer Education Courses

Note: courses vary in nature from formal degrees, technical, business and hands-on training.

American Brewers Guild

Appalachian State University

Blue Ridge Community College

Central Washington University

Master Brewers Association of the Americas

Oregon State University

OSU Continuing Education

Portland State University

Rice University

Siebel Institute of Technology

University of California, Davis

University of Houston